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Price and availability?
The two questions we get asked most frequently are: are you available? and how much do you charge? To check availability for your date simply submit the form in our Contact section here. The amount we charge to perform at a wedding ranges from €1800 for our four piece live band to over €4000 for our full range of services, you can see our current full price list here. We also offer discounts for mid-week and off-peak dates so, depending on the time of year your wedding is taking place and on which day of the week, it is well worth checking with us directly to see what sort of deal we can offer. We pride ourselves on always offering the best possible value for money.

What exactly do I get for my money?
The standard Vegas Nights performance for a wedding or corporate function uses a six piece live band, both male and female lead vocalists backed by live drums, bass, guitar and piano, with piano doubling on brass. This core band can, to suit requirements and budget, be reduced in size or expanded to include, among other options, a two or three piece brass section, a fiddle or string section and up to four singers. Included in the price of each package is the cost of a very high quality PA system, lighting, staging and all other associated costs. You can find out more about the band in our “Meet the band” section here.

Where are you based and how far do you travel?
We are based in Tipperary, Kildare and Dublin but travel to weddings all over Ireland. We perform nationwide, and further. We have many times been booked to play outside of Ireland.

Do you supply a band and DJ package?
Yes we do, with our DJ playing from when the band finish until 2 p.m. or later by special arrangement. The advantages in availing of this option are: a smooth transition between band and DJ, the number of different suppliers is reduced at an already very busy time, a saving on the overall cost and of course, and very importantly, you have Vegas Nights' assurance of a top quality service.

What time do you normally start at and how long do you play for?
We play for a period of about two and a half hours at a wedding. The time we start at is decided by the couple getting married and is usually around half nine. We break briefly about half way through the show to coincide with the serving of afters food when provided. If a wedding runs late and we are unable to start on time we will, at the band's discretion, play past our planned finish time and try, whenever reasonable to do so, to play for the origionaly planned amount of time.

Will you play something for our older guests, some waltzes perhaps?
We most certainly will. In fact, it's our aim to play music at your wedding that suits all of your guests the entire night. Impossible, you say. Well maybe it is, but much of the older music still has relevance for younger people today. Likewise, the older generation find a lot of the modern music very appealing. Keeping everyone happy is simply a matter of playing the right tunes in the right way.

When will you set up, how long will it take and will you make a lot of noise?
We will set up as soon as the meal and speeches are complete and on receiving the go-ahead to do so from the hotel manager. Given access to a clear stage area, we take less than forty-five minutes to set up. One hour should be allowed for between the planned time for completion of meal and speeches and the planned time for the bride and groom's first dance. Noise levels generated during this process are low and not an issue. It is quite normal for the guests to remain in the room throughout.

Is it possible to arrange for the band to arrive earlier in the day and set up before the meal?
This is an added service we are happy to provide but it is something we have to charge for. The good news is that it is almost never necessary. There are down sides to having the stage in place and your band's equipment in a prominent position while your meal is being served.

I was at a wedding recently where the band were so loud it was ridiculous. Someone from the wedding party asked them to turn down but I don't think they did. Could this happen if we book Vegas Nights for our wedding?
This is the nightmare of every bride and groom, we've all heard the horror stories. Rest assured, this will not happen with Vegas Nights. The truth is, it won't happen with any professional band that regularly play weddings. We will be constantly monitoring all aspects of the show throughout the night including the volume to ensure everyone is enjoying the evening and having a good time.

Our wedding venue is insisting that our other wedding suppliers have their own public liability insurance so that they will not be relying on the hotel's insurance should there be a claim. Do Vegas Nights have public liability insurance?
We do and can supply to your hotel the relevant paperwork should it be required. This is a good question to ask as the answer may give an insight into how your band, or indeed any of your other wedding suppliers, conduct their business.

We have a song in mind for our first dance. It's not very well known but it's special for us. Will you be able to play it?
We almost certainly will but please don't view this as a challenge to come up with a song that we can't play. If you feel that your chosen song may be a bit obscure just let us know what it is about a month before your wedding and, if we don't know it, we'll learn it and have it for you on the night.

Your repertoire seems vast. How on earth are we going to decide on a set list?
Don't! Working with a set list can be restrictive when performing at a wedding. We know from experience that it's far better to choose the music on the night as it progresses. That way we are free to play the music that best suits your particular crowd, thereby keeping the dance floor full, which, after all, is what everybody wants.

We are very interested in looking into the possibility of Vegas Nights playing at our wedding. What do we need to do?
Contact us by phone or email or through the form in our Contact section and check our availability and price for your date and venue. Then, even if you have seen us play before, it is a good idea to come along to see us at one of our showcases. Here you can see and hear first-hand the various options we have available and descide which one suits you. Once you are certain Vegas Nights is the band just let us know the good news and the date will be yours. You will be sent an online booking form and we will require a deposit of €300 within ten working days of booking with the agreed balance to be paid on the night. Formal confirmation of your booking with us will be sent to you, put this in your wedding planning file and put your feet up.






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