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Dave Bradbury - Vocalist/Frontman
Standing out front alongside his his singng partner Rhona, manager and one half of the double act that is the face of Vegas Nights, a songwriter in his own right, Dave has had chart success with several of his own songs.


Rhona O'Connor - Vocalist/Front-woman
A terrific voice and one of the best entertainers in the business, standing alongside Dave out front, Rhona has returned in 2019 as the band's lead female vocalist.


Paul Moore - Guitarist/Vocalist
Extremely talented and with an easy manner, a studio owner and band promoter, Paul has been playing for more years than he cares to remember and recorded and produced records for many of Ireland’s biggest names.


Roy Brennan - Bass and double bass player/Vocalist
The backbone of Vegas Nights’ punchy sound, Roy has been playing at the highest professional level for over two decades.


Clive Farrell - Drummer/Vocalist
Keeping it all together, the maestro when it comes to all things percussion. A professional live and studio musician for many years, Clive  has also played with a number of Ireland's other top wedding bands.



Ronan Dooney - Trumpet player/Pianist
A professional musician for over thirty years, the actual trumpet player you hear on The Commitments sound track, Ronan has performed on record and in concert with some of the icons of rock and pop.


Rob Geraghty - Saxophonist
With a virtuoso degree of musicality, Rob who we practically think of as a fulltime member of the band he plays with us so often, has been working at the highest level as a professional musician for many years.


Carl Geraghty - Saxophonist
A consummate pro and gentleman, seen here being photobombed by Ronan Dooney, Carl’s expertise has found him sharing the stage over the years with many household names and some true giants such as Kenny Rogers, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.


Choice, quality, reliability and value for money are the key attributes that differentiate us and set us apart from the rest of the pack. But perhaps the best thing about booking Vegas Nights is peace of mind, knowing that the entertainment for your special day is being taken care of by truly capable professionals and is going to be simply amazing and brilliant.

As well as our most popular package, consisting of six piece live band followed by live DJ, we also offer a large number of other package options to satisfy almost any requirement and every budget. Package options include ceremony music, drinks reception music, main band and live DJ. Within these elements that make up a wedding package, there is also a lot of choice. In addition to our standard lineup of male and female vocals backed by our standard rhythm section of bass, drums guitar and piano with piano doubling on brass, there is the choice of adding one or more brass players, choosing from our full brass section of saxophone, trumpet and trombone. Other line-up options include accordion, banjo, fiddle, three or four piece string section and additional vocalists.

Some of Ireland’s finest, most experienced and well-rehearsed musicians performing great songs using state-of-the-art equipment giving crystal clear sound. And that’s just part of the story. Add to this our ability to really connect with a crowd through our on-stage friendly banter and our obvious, genuine desire to make every night the best it can possibly be and you begin to understand that quality for us is not just a word to be used as a bullet point in our promotional blurb, it’s an ingrained way of thinking, an ethos. The musicias that make up our band are always the same and because of this, we know each other musically inside out, meaning that song intros and endings are tight and basically, everything we play sounds rehearsed. It also means that we can play medleys. Simply put, a medley is a collection of songs strung together, the band jumping from one to the next without missing a beat. They really pack dance floors but can only be played properly by a band that has played a lot togeather. Vegas Nights make very good use of medleys.

“Our band let us down.” We have been entertaining people and making people dance now for many years and during this time we have spoken to literally thousands of people organizing things for their big day and occasionally we hear this phrase uttered by someone who has booked some other band that has, in some very significant way, let them down. And we are confused, genuinely confused. Now, obviously we have lived and understand what it means to be let down, but the notional set of circumstances required for any client of ours to state flatly that they have been let down by their band are so remote and obscure that to hear it said of any band leaves us, well, confused.
To list all the steps we take and procedures we have in place that allow us to deliver a highly reliable service, they seem so basic and natural to us, would almost feel like stating the obvious, not to mention the space it would take up. Of course we check and double-check all details supplied to us by our clients on booking. And of course we confirm all these details with the clients so any errors that may occur are picked up at a very early stage thus ruling out the possibility of a double booking or indeed any error going unnoticed that might result in us not turning up at the right time and place. Of course we have contingency plans in place should one or more band members become unexpectedly unavailable due to illness or the like and of course, should there be some kind of accident, not only are we covered by insurance for public liability, the band members are also covered. And when it comes to equipment, of course our transport vehicles are kept new and in tip-top running order as is our sound and lighting equipment. In fact, for every main and crucial component of the rig, we carry a spare. Because of these measures and maney others like them, no Vegas Nights customer has ever been or is ever likely to be, let down by their band.

Value for money
We feel that this attribute, above all others, is the most important. It is all encompassing. If you offer value for money it means, almost by definition, you have gotten everything else right. You never hear someone say for instance of their band, “They were awful but really good value”, it just wouldn’t make sense. Having said that, we are not cheap, certainly not the cheapest out there. But if you are in fact looking to book the cheapest band you can find for your wedding, we would very respectfully suggest that we may not be the perfect choice for you. If you are however looking for genuine good value, and place some stock in quality, reliability and choice, then there is a strong possibility that Vegas Nights may just very well be the band for you.






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