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You can find more great videos of the band on our Audio/Video page.

Welcome to the website of Vegas Nights, one of the finest wedding bands in Ireland, and thanks for dropping by.

If you are getting married, congratulations! You may have already been trawling through the websites of various wedding bands in the search for the perfect band to make your own wedding night celebrations complete. If so, you will have noticed by now that wedding bands in Ireland vary widely in style, presentation, sound and quality. There are big bands and small bands, loud bands and quiet bands, trendy bands and nostalgic bands. There are rock bands, swing bands, country bands, trad’ bands, blues bands, soul bands, jazz bands - you name it, there’s a band. There are bands that dress up as Abba or The Beatles or Elvis, and there are bands that don’t dress up at all and perform in the same jeans and t-shirts they arrived in. All this makes for a very vibrant wedding band scene, but unfortunately, among the myriad of wedding bands performing around Ireland, there are also good bands and there are some not-so-good bands. As well as being informative, one of the aims of this website is to demonstrate that Vegas Nights is not just a good wedding band, but is, in fact, one of the best wedding bands in Ireland. You can rely on Vegas Nights to bring to your wedding the energy and excitement that all great nights have and only the greatest bands can deliver.

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